BRIDGEJOINT is a premium double-component epoxy for the filing of gaps between tiles and other surfaces. 

  • Clean and smooth finish stays clean and new.
  • Just wipe with a wet cloth to maintain.

A multipurpose product, both indoors and outdoors, between almost any surfaces. Easy to use, no mess and simply save the unused portion for future application. 


BRIDGEJOINT is especially designed for both professionals and home application such as:

  • Grouting for tiled surfaces on walls and floors.
  • Sealing of gaps between two surfaces such as sanitary wares, windows, doors, light fittings, awnings, gutters, downpipes, etc.
  • As adhesive for glass, is hard and resistant to weather elements.
  • High-quality sealing for professional kitchens in restaurants, cafes and bars.
  • Ideal for most materials such as metal, timber, ceramic, glass, plastic and concrete.

Excellent for use in wet and moist areas that are prone to mildew and discolouring

  • Non-porous and high bond strength.
  • Resistant to most household chemicals.
  • Resilient to colour degradation.

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